Best bowling figures in IPL

Best bowling figures in IPL History (2008-2024)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a goldmine of awesome cricket skills, featuring the best of cricketers from all over the world. Despite that the batsmen’s performance is commonly seen as more exciting, bowlers, through their amazing performances, can also leave a mark on the game. In this piece, let us consider all the best bowling figures in IPL history so, let’s have a close look at the best bowling performance in IPL ever and the most economical seasons in IPL.

Alzarri Joseph3.46/12
Sohail Tanvir46/14
Adam Zampa46/19
Anil Kumble3.15/5
Akash Madhwal3.35/5
Jasprit Bumrah45/10
Mohit Sharma2.25/10

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Best Bowling Averages in IPL

Bowling figures depict a bowler’s performance in a match or a game wherein they take into account the bowler’s contributions and efficiency. Whether it is dropping the ball with pinpoint accuracy or running riot with devastating spells, the fantastic bowling is the manifestation of skill, strategy and plain determination. In IPL, where each ball is very important and the pressure is very high, bowlers fight for their names to be remembered with fantastic records. Therefore, to cover a whole picture of bowling greatness, we will also provide a table of IPL overall best bowling averages.

Sachin Baby (RCB)1924.84
Ajinkya Rahane (CSK)172155
Ayush Badoni (LSG)2425.085.5
Shrikant Mundhe (KKR)1166
Lee Carseldine (RR)5166
Dewald Brevis (MI)71168
Ramandeep Singh (MI)5699
Douglas Bracewell (DC)13810.66
Shoaib Akhtar (KKR)357.7110.8
Sohail Tanvir (RR)11226.4612.09
Dominic Thornely (MI)635.7113.33
Harpreet Singh (PBKS)738.213.66
Reece Topley (RCB)11714
Tristan Stubbs (MI)41714
Dillon du Preez (RCB)24814
Charl Langeveldt (RCB)7137.1914.38
Nathu Singh (DC)213.7515
Umar Gul (KKR)6128.1815.33
Akash Madhwal (MI)8148.5915.64
Oshane Thomas (RR)457.915.8
Michael Bracewell (RCB)568.6415.83
Mark Wood (LSG)5118.9516.27
Dilhara Fernando (MI)10177.6417.52
Brad Hogg (RR)66177.7717.82
Mohsin Khan (LSG)13177.0717.88

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Best Bowling figures in IPL 2024 (Purple cap)

Bowling records not just show statistical achievements but their actual moments are the narrations of brilliance and mastery on the field of cricket. Every superb performance contributed to the colorful history of IPL, which is a visual proof of bowlers’ ability and efforts in playing this game.

2023Mohammed ShamiGT1728
2022Yuzvendra ChahalRR1727
2021Harshal PatelRCB1532
2020Kagiso RabadaDC1730
2019Imran TahirCSK1726
2018Andrew TyeKXIP1424
2017Bhuvneshwar KumarSRH1426
2016Bhuvneshwar KumarSRH1723
2015Dwayne BravoCSK1726
2014Mohit SharmaCSK1623
2013Dwayne BravoCSK1832
2012Morne MorkelDD1625
2011Lasith MalingaMI1628
2010Pragyan OjhaDC1621
2009RP SinghDC1623
2008Sohail TanvirRR1122

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Best Bowling Figure in IPL 2023

IPL is a one of kind platform where cricketers express their talents and skills during its matches viewed by audiences all over the globe. Let us be taking a glance now at the highest wicket-takers in IPL 2023 through the table.

Mohammed ShamiGT1728

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Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2022

Big shots and entertainment of the match often take the spotlight, but bowling performances also make a great impression.There below you can notice IPL 2022 top Wicket takers.

PlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
Yuzvendra ChahalRR172719.5115.117.755/40

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2021

Needless to say, IPL also has its moments where bowlers outshined their batting counterparts with their masterful skillsets. Here’s a table of highest wicket-takers in IPL 2021.

PlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
Harshal PatelRCB153214.3410.568.145/27

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Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2020

Bowling figures tell the story of a bowler’s performance in a match. They show how effective a bowler has been in taking wickets and controlling the game. Here’s a table of highest wicket-takers in IPL 2020.

PlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
Kagiso RabadaDC173018.2613.38.344/24

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2019

IPL where each ball determines everything and every bowler tries to leave a signature in the whole tournament with the best performances. Let me show you the table with the highest number of wicket-takers in IPL 2019.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2019Imran TahirCSK172616.5714.846.694/12

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2018

In the 2018 IPL Andrew Tye, a bowler, had the crowd blown away with his bowling skills. He was the leading bowler of the team that season with the 24 wickets. Here is the table showing most wickets achieved in the IPL 2018.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2018Andrew TyeKXIP142418.661484/16

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2017

Bowling stats may not reflect every dimension of bowler’s skill and can only point to some definitive moments of bowler’s brilliance. Here’s a table showing the twenty highest wicket-takers in IPL 2017.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2017Bhuvneshwar KumarSRH142614.19127.055/19

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2016

All the impressive performances of IPL adds a lot more to the impatience of IPL cricket, displaying the skills and dedication of bowlers. Let me show you this table diassembled to the top wicket-takers of 2016 IPL.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2016Bhuvneshwar KumarSRH172321.317.27.424/29

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2015

As spectators, we are awe struck and respect the bowlers who are not only technically strong but also are mentally agile. Have a look at the following table for number one highest wicket-takers of IPL 2015.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2015Dwayne BravoCSK172616.38128.143/22

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2014

Bowlers keep amazing us when it comes to bowling, be it swinging a ball or throwing it as it spins hard, or even when delivering deadly yorkers. Here we have the table of highest wicket-takers in IPL 2014.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2014Mohit SharmaCSK162319.65148.394/14

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2013

Fast-forwarding to the IPL and its dramatic moments, where each wicket is very decisive, bowlers become very important. Check this table of top wicket takers for ipl 2013 out.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2013Dwayne BravoCSK183215.5311.77.954/42

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2012

In the IPL 2018, Morne Morkel amazed everyone with his bowling. He took 25 wickets in the season. Here’s a table of highest wicket-takers in IPL 2012.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2012Morne MorkelDD162518.1215.17.194/20

Best Bowling Figures in t20 IPL 2011

In IPL 2011, Laasith Malinga showed his class by bowling brilliantly and claiming the purple cap. Here’s a table of highest wicket-takers in IPL 2011.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2011Lasith MalingaMI162813.3913.55.955/13

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2010

Pragyan Ojha shined in IPL 2010 by taking 21 wickets in a season. His economy was 7.29. Here’s a table of highest wicket-takers in IPL 2010.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2010Pragyan OjhaDC162120.4216.87.293/26

Best Bowling Figures in IPL 2009

In the IPL 2009, RP Singh amazed everyone with his bowling. He took 23 wickets in the season. Here’s a table of highest wicket-takers in IPL 2009.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2009RP SinghDC162318.1315.56.984/22

Best Bowling Figures in IPL debut 2008

In the first season of IPL, Sohail Tanvir played brilliantly and claimed 22 wickets in 11 matches. He won the purple cap in the inaugural season in the Indian Premier League. Here’s a table of highest wicket-takers in IPL 2008.

YearPlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageStrike rateEconomyBBI
2008Sohail TanvirRR112212.0911.226.466/14

In this faster and aggressive environment of the IPL, where each ball is a fight and every wicket is a success, bowlers remain the unmet heroes who governs the game. Consequently, we have to acknowledge the legends who has flashed their bowling. That is why we must do honour – to the biggest bowling figures in IPL history.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  • Who has the record for the best bowling figures in IPL history?
  • Alzarri Joseph has the record for the best bowling figures in IPL history.
  • Which are the exceptional bowling performances in IPL history?
    • Several bowlers have delivered exceptional performances in IPL history, such as Sohail Tanvir’s 6/14 and Adam Zampa’s 6/19.
  • Do certain factors influence bowling in IPL matches?
    • Yes, factors such as pitch conditions, weather, and the quality of opposition can influence bowling in IPL matches.

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