Fair play award IPL

Fair play award IPL 2024

The primary essence of cricket is not only the intense rivalry and spectacular stunts; it is also the principle of sportiveness. That brings us to the relevance of these awards and how they enhance the correct spirit of cricket. Apart from the awards like Highest score in IPL history, Fair play award IPL also have importance. Let’s know more about it.

Fair play award IPL 2024 – 2008

The very name of the Fair Play Award has these principles reflected and it goes on to represent that cricket is not just about the wins and the runs made but how it has been done. Below are the teams awarded the fair play award in the corresponding years.

Let’s take a look at the teams who won the fair play award each year:

YearWinner Team
2024Sunrisers Hyderabad
2022Rajasthan & Gujarat

Fair Play award 2024 table

Let’s take a look at the complete list of fair play award winner in 2024:

Award WinnerMatchesPoints
Sunrisers Hyderabad17173
Punjab Kings14142
Chennai Super Kings14140
Rajasthan Royals16156
Gujarat Titans14136
Lucknow Super Giants14136
Delhi Capitals14135
Mumbai Indians14135
Kolkata Knight Riders16154
Royal Challengers Bengaluru15143

Fair play award 2022 table

Let’s take a look at the complete list of fair play award winner in 2022:

Rajasthan Royals17170
Gujarat Titans16160
Chennai Super Kings14140
Punjab Kings14150
Mumbai Indians14139
Kolkata Knight Riders14138
Lucknow Super Giants15147
Royal Challengers Bangalore16156
Sunrisers Hyderabad14136
Delhi Capitals14128

Criteria for IPL Fair Play Award

  • The team’s performance is evaluated through consideration of several vital areas such as the laws of the cricket game, fair play, respect for the umpire and the spirit of the game. Attendance, injuries, violations of the rules, protestation, abuse, or acerbity during the game can all be included when calculating the cumulative sum.
  • Respect for Opponents: Gesture comprises the level of respect that is shown to the other team. Gesture includes hand clapping, good performances, hand shaking after the match and no aggressive act. That is why politeness and maintaining a humble demeanor when one is winning or losing the IPL Fair Play Awards is central.

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What is the Fair Play award in the IPL?

IPL Fair Play Awards are presented to teams who show sportsmanship, integrity, and respect for the game’s spirit throughout the tournament.

Who won the award for fair play in 2024?

Sunrisers Hyderabad won the IPL fair play award in 2024.

 Who won the IPL fair play award in 2023?

In the IPL 2023, Delhi Capitals won the award for fair play with 17 points.

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