Highest powerplay score in IPL 2024 – Full list

The IPL is well known globally for the magnificent batting show where batsmen become the main stars who are trying to set up huge scores for their team’s sake. From the many records the tournament has accrued over the years, one particular statistic is quite extraordinarily high – the highest score in powerplay. Let us start looking for the stories behind this supernatural wonder. Table includes highest powerplay score record in IPL history below.

Kolkata Knight Riders105/02017
Chennai Super Kings100/22014
Chennai Super Kings90/02015
Kochi Tuskers Kerala87/22011
Punjab Kings86/12014
Rajasthan Royals85/12023
Mumbai Indians84/02018
Deccan Chargers84/12009
Punjab Kings83/12022
Sunrisers Hyderabad83/12021

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Highest powerplay score in IPL – Full list

The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) record the highest ever powerplay score in the IPL history to date. The Royal Challengers Bangalore faced the most fearsome onslaught of batting from the KKR combination, who scored a whopping 105 runs without losing a wicket by the end of the first 6 overs in the 2017 IPL edition. Let’s now consider the top 10 highest powerplay scores that have so far been achieved in IPL.

Kolkata Knight Riders105/0Royal Challenger Bangalore2017
Chennai Super Kings100/2Punjab Kings2014
Chennai Super Kings90/0Mumbai Indians2015
Kochi Tuskers Kerala87/2Rajasthan Royals2011
Punjab Kings86/1Sunrisers Hyderabad2014
Rajasthan Royals85/1Sunrisers Hyderabad2023
Mumbai Indians84/0Delhi Capitals2018
Deccan Chargers84/1Delhi Capitals2009
Punjab Kings83/1Royal Challengers Bangalore2022
Sunrisers Hyderabad83/1Mumbai Indians2021
Mumbai Indians82/1Punjab Kings2017
Delhi Capitals81/0Punjab Kings2022
Rajasthan Royals81/1Chennai Super Kings2021
Lucknow Super Giants80/1Chennai Super Kings2023
Sunrisers Hyderabad79/0Kolkata Knight Riders2017

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Highest powerplay score in IPL 2024

IPL 2024 will begin from 23th-28th April and the first match is expected to happen between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans. The list for Highest powerplay score in IPL 2024 will be updated in upcoming days.


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Highest powerplay score in  IPL 2023

In the year 2023, there were many such matches in which players scored more than 200 runs. During this period, the team had a very strong start in many matches. One such match was of Rajasthan Royals in which they made highest score in IPL in powerplay. They scored  85 runs by losing 1 wicket in the powerplay itself.

Rajasthan Royals85/12023

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Highest score in IPL powerplay 2022

There was such a match in IPL 2022, watching which the fans said that the money was worth the money. This match was between Punjab Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. In this match, Punjab Kings batsmen made a tremendous start and scored 83 runs after losing one wicket in 6 overs of powerplay.

Punjab Kings83/1Royal Challengers Bangalore

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Highest powerplay score in IPL 2021

Sunrisers Hyderabad team is also known for its excellent batting and in 2021 too, they performed a feat which the fans still remember. During a match against Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad batsmen scored 83 runs losing 1 wicket in the powerplay.

Sunrisers Hyderabad83/1Mumbai Indians

With time, the current highest powerplay score record in the IPL might be broken, as teams continue to introduce new and better strategies for playing during the powerplay overs. It works as a reminder that the IPL is based on the endless pursuit of perfection, which makes fans more enthusiastic and keeps them on the thunderbolt in every season.

The greatest powerplay score in IPL history is not merely it number terms, it is a mirror of the passion, talent, and will of the competition, which characterizes the tournament. Being a striking example of the magic and competition that T20 cricket brings along, these records motivate the courage of players and teams to perform better and better and to become the owners of T20 records.

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1. What is the highest powerplay score ever recorded in IPL history?

The highest powerplay score in IPL history was achieved by Kolkata Knight Riders during the 2017 season, when they amassed an incredible 105 runs.

2. What strategic elements contributed to KKR’s achievement of the highest powerplay score?

KKR’s achievement was not merely a result of luck but a result of meticulous planning and execution. 

3. How many overs are there in an IPL powerplay?

There are 6 overs in an IPL powerplay.

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