Highest run score chase in IPL History from 2008 to 2024

Most memorable scenes in the history of IPL are the occasions where teams pulled out a win after chasing big targets and these events live long in the memory. In this article, we will examine the highest run chase in IPL and discuss the strategies, incredible heroism, and crucial moments that carved their way through this great success.

Rajasthan Royals226/6Punjab Kings
Mumbai Indians219/6Chennai Super Kings
Rajasthan Royals217/7Deccan Chargers
Sunrisers Hyderabad217/6Rajasthan Royals
Mumbai Indians216/4Punjab Kings
Mumbai Indians214/4Rajasthan Royals
Lucknow SuperGiants213/9Royal Challengers Bangalore
Lucknow SuperGiants211/4Chennai Super Kings
Delhi214/3Gujarat Lions
Kings XI Punjab211/4Sunrisers Hyderabad

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Highest run chase in IPL history

The most thrilling score chase in IPL history ever took place in 2020 when Rajasthan Royals made 223 runs for the victory which was set by Punjab Kings. This moment was more than just a cricket event as it took the sport world by storm and opened up a new chapter of cricket world: the nature of T20 cricket. Let’s take a look at the record-breaking run chase that takes place in the point table IPL, and view the impact on the dynamics that results in the moment being a historic one.

1Rajasthan Royals226/6224Punjab Kings27-09-2020
2Mumbai Indians219/6219Chennai Super Kings01-05-2021
3Rajasthan Royals217/7215Deccan Chargers24-04-2008
4Sunrisers Hyderabad217/6215Rajasthan Royals07-05-2023
5Mumbai Indians216/4215Punjab Kings03-05-2023
6Mumbai Indians214/4213Rajasthan Royals30-04-2023
7Lucknow SuperGiants213/9213Royal Challengers Bangalore10-04-2023
8Lucknow SuperGiants211/4211Chennai Super Kings31-03-2022
9Delhi214/3209Gujarat Lions04-05-2017
10Kings XI Punjab211/4206Sunrisers Hyderabad14-05-2014
11Chennai Super Kings208/5206Royal Challengers Bangalore12-04-2012
12Punjab Kings208/5206Royal Challengers Bangalore27-03-2022
13Chennai Super Kings207/5206Royal Challengers Bangalore25-04-2018
14Kings XI Punjab206/4206Chennai Super Kings18-04-2014
15Kolkata Knight Riders206/5206Royal Challengers Bangalore05-04-2019
16Kolkata Knight Riders207/7205Gujarat Titans09-04-2023
17Royal Challengers Bangalore204/2204Kings XI Punjab16-03-2010
18Chennai Super Kings205/5203Kolkata Knight Riders10-04-2018
19Kings XI Punjab204/2201Kolkata Knight Riders04-04-2010
20Mumbai Indians201/2201Sunrisers Hyderabad2023-05-21

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Highest Run Chase by Each Team in IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has turned out to be a Cricketing extravaganza that leaves audiences enthralled each time, with match performances being higher than reasonable levels. We have already mentioned to you that which teams have achieved the highest score in the history of IPL. Let us do a quick recap by looking into the scores of each IPL team and check which and against whom CSK or RCB have chased all the highest totals.

TeamTotal ScoreTargetAgainst

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Highest chase in t20 IPL 2023

When you talk about winning the run chases, the opening stand is very instrumental as it is usually quite strong. They again faced a similar situation when Rajasthan’s Batsmen scored 214 in the first innings and Sunrisers Hyderabad were in second innings. From the very starting, Hyderabad batsmen swiftly knocked down this target with amazing batting. Sunrisers eventually prevented loss of remaining 6 wickets in their chase and reached this total, taking the lead as the highest run chase in the IPL 2023.

TeamTotal ScoreTargetAgainstLocation

Highest run chase in IPL 2022

During the 2022 season, CSK ended up scoring a total of 210 in 20 overs by the end of their innings. The supporters were like, “Chennai will win this match”, but then Rajasthan Royals led winning three wickets and captured the victory.

Lucknow SuperGiants211/4211Chennai Super Kings31-03-2022

Highest score chased in IPL 2021

In 2021 also, in a match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, Chennai scored 218 runs. In this match, when Mumbai Indians players came out to chase the target, they made a great start. Their aggressive stroke play and strategic shot selection laid the foundation for the middle order to capitalize on. They won the match by 4 wickets.

Mumbai Indians219/6219Chennai Super Kings01-05-2021

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Highest run chase in IPL 2020

The 2020 edition of IPL was quite spectacular and memorable. This year there were many such matches which remained in the minds of the fans. One of them was the match between Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings. In this match, Punjab Kings gave Rajasthan a target of 224 runs, which Rajasthan Royals achieved by losing 6 wickets.

Rajasthan Royals226/6224Punjab Kings27-09-2020

IPL highest score chase in 2019

Royal Challengers Bangalore may not have won a single IPL trophy yet, but their batsmen are known for their explosive batting. Even during a match against Kolkata Knight Riders, RCB batsmen scored 205 runs on the board. Fans were hopeful that RCB would win this match but Kolkata Knight Riders dashed their hopes. KKR batsman proved to be superior to RCB bowlers and they chased the target and won.

Kolkata Knight Riders206/5206Royal Challengers Bangalore05-04-2019

Highest t20 score chased in IPL 2018

RCB fans’ hearts is not broken for the first time in 2019. Something similar happened with RCB in 2018 also. Batting first, the players of Royal Challengers Bangalore played a brilliant innings. He scored 205 runs in his overs. But Chennai Super Kings, playing like Kings, achieved this target by losing 5 wickets.

Chennai Super Kings207/5206Royal Challengers Bangalore25-04-2018

T20 highest run chase in IPL 2017

Talking about IPL 2017, this year the Delhi Capitals team achieved a feat. This year, teams from Chennai and Rajasthan were banned and teams from Gujarat and Pune were included in their place. The fans were a bit sad due to their favorite teams not being included in the league but a match between Delhi and Gujarat acted as a balm on their wounds. Batting first in this match, Gujarat scored 208 runs but Delhi Capitals batted so brilliantly that they chased this target by losing only 3 wickets.

Delhi214/3209Gujarat Lions04-05-2017

Today, the highest run chase in the history of IPL matches proves the level of entertainment and you never really know what to expect in T20. Indian Premier League is the home to several finest individual players and the whole team contributing the best strategies, and such is the ability of the players that the whole series becomes one of unforgettable memories. Along with the fans who are looking forward to great chasing performances, the “indelible legacy” of activities of great run chases is being one of the vital part of narration of the IPL.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the highest run chase in IPL history?

A1: The highest score chase in IPL history occurred when Rajasthan Royals successfully chased down 226 runs target set by Punjab Kings.

Q2:What were the strategies of the chasing team?

A3: The chasing team focused on a strong start in the powerplay, calculated risks, and a well-executed middle-order strategy.

Q3: What role did the powerplay has in the highest run chase?

A3: Aggressive batting during the initial overs put other team on the defensive mode resulting in the first team’s win.

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