Is IPL scripted

Is IPL scripted? IPL matches are fixed or not?

Cricket, also called gentleman’s game, has been subject to different sorts of scandals and controversies. Out of these discussions, there is no doubt that one topic that has always been a talking point and discussed is whether IPL is scripted.

The IPL, this glamour and entertainment show of cricket, has mesmerised millions of cricket fans in the world—right from its inception in 2008. Despite its achievements, though, scandals about scripting and match-fixing have cast a shadow on its image.

In this article, we delve into the arguments, evidence, and perceptions surrounding the question: Does the IPL produce scripted or pre-determined results? is IPL scripted? Do players do match fixing? If the entire tournament scripted or not?

Is IPL Scripted?

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Is IPL scripted is a contorversial issue that has deepened the divide among cricket lovers, analysts, and competitors.

Some people do not accept any scripting or fixing; others fuel the suspicions because of several instances and discrepancies that happened during the tournament history.

There has always been a saying in cricket that matches are fixed and players also fix matches. Cricket’s biggest league IPL is also not untouched by this.

Rather, IPL remains in controversies the most due to fixing. It has happened many times in the past that players and umpires have been accused of fixing during IPL matches.

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Who thinks IPL is not scripted?

Claims in favor of the credibility of the Indian Premier League say that the event is supervised by respectable organizations like the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

They use the fierce rivalry among teams, the ability of players to play well, and the possibility of things happening unexpectedly as support for their opinion that no script would be required.

Secondly, IPL enthusiasts would mention that an integral part of the league is huge money investments, sponsorship deals and brand endorsements.

They say that this may not only affect the image of the tournament but it could also lead to big drawbacks for all stakeholders involved.

IPL is scripted – The Second Way of Looking at Things

Conversely, the genuineness of the Indian Premier League is questioned in a manner that is strong and difficult to disprove. Because various events occur which make the viewers raise their brows and start raising doubts about the arrangements of the matches.

Earlier too, two teams in IPL were banned due to allegations of match fixing. Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals could not play cricket for a year due to these allegations. CSK, a team with the record of playing the most finals were not able to play IPL 2015 Final.

Cricket experts believe that there are many such occasions in which it seems as if spot fixing has taken place or players are involved in fixing.

When Chennai Super Kings was banned, MS Dhoni also came into discussion. Although no allegations were made against him. Mumbai Indians have also become victims of these allegations many times.

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Proofs that prove IPL is fixed scripted

One of the major pieces of evidence provided by people who claim that the IPL is rigged is the fact that players, teams owners, officials and everyone else involved in match-fixing scandals.

There have been a number of very serious incidents in recent memory that have jeopardized the careers and led to suspensions, bans, and international blemishes for cricketers.

However, the fact that there are uncanny coincidences and improbable outcomes during matches is also a major cause of this mystery.

Particularly, scenarios where the underdog overcomes the odds and upsets a formidable opponent, or matches decided by the last few balls in the last over, makes some people doubt whether the outcome was really fair and honest or pre-ordained.

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Is IPL commentary pre-scripted?

Nikhil Chopra on X: "Good times doing commentary vivo ipl 2018" / X

Another feature of the IPL that has been put under question is on the integrity of the commentary by the commentators during matches.

Critics believe that commentators receive scripts or talking points beforehand so that the final product is manipulated or fixed. The result is the absence of a natural narrative during live broadcasting.

When commentators are supported, the argument is that they are experienced experts who possess the knowledge of the game, while detractors are suspicious that the spontaneity and objectivity of the commentary is not guaranteed.

Is IPL scripted in terms of commentary is a difficult question as there were no past incidences of fixing matches involves commentators. BCCI has a strict policy and they do not want to see the IPL fixed.

What is spot fixing?

Spot fixing is quite different from match fixing. In match fixing, the result of the match is scripted. Like it is decided which will be the winning team in this match.

Whereas, in spot fixing, one aspect of the match is fixed and gamblers also bet on it. This happens as if it has already been decided that a six will be hit on the next ball or the batsman will be out on the next ball. Some incidences like highest score in IPL raises questions on spot fixing.

Many IPL players have already been accused of spot fixing. Many players, batsmen and captains like Sreesanth and Ajit Chandila have been accused of match fixing.

‘Is ipl scripted’ – this is the question that roams around fan’s mind. Fixing matches or scripted matches are bit painful for the people involved and it is the only situation where the cricketers in India get their image tarnished.

IPL is fixed or not – conclusion

List of Records Scripted and Broken in IPL 2020 Sofar

The query of whether the IPL is rigged is still the hottest topic in the cricket world with supporters and skeptics each coming up with their own valid inputs.

Whereas advocates of IPL say that the event is void of any doubts regarding its ethics, competitiveness, and the commercial aspect. The opponents object to these events and incidents that testify that there is no authentication.

Consequently, the question of ‘Is IPL scripted’ becomes unclear in the face of a dense web of opinions, allegations, and accusations.

We as cricket fans can only hope that the fair play and sportsmanship feelings wins at the end of the day so that the IPL remains a spectacle to all audiences around the world for many days to come.

IPL is a big name and there is a lot of money and fame involved but fixing issues tarnish the image of this magnificent league. We agree that players do mistake but it is important to know the repercussions of the illegal activities and they should focus on maintaining the integrity of themselves and the league.


Is IPL is scripted?

There are many debates about IPL being fixed or scripted. However,  the idea of whether the IPL is scripted becomes unclear in the face of a dense web of opinions, allegations, and accusations.

Is it true that IPL matches are fixed?

Some people claim that the players, teams owners, officials and everyone else involved in match-fixing scandals. They say that they have seen an IPL match which seems to be scripted.

What proves that IPL matches are not fixed?

Advocates of IPL say that the event is void of any doubts regarding its ethics, competitiveness, and the commercial aspect. The opponents object to these events and incidents that testify that there is no authentication.

Which is the fixing team in IPL?

Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals are generally considered fixing team because they were banned from IPL for 2 years due to fixing allegations.

Is IPL scripted or not?

The question ‘is IPL scripted’ is difficult to answer because everyone has their own opinions and nothing conclusive has been found yet to prove the allegations of IPL scripted, IPL fixed and spot fixing.

Is IPL scripted in terms of results?

Some matches seems like scripted matches and with time more matches and teams seems like fixed and players seems fixed but a win does not always mean the matches are fixed as the players involved put their hard work and efforts to win the match.

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