Longest six in the IPL

IPL 2024: Longest six in the IPL History

Cricket has always been considered as the “gentleman’s game”. It also has moments of power face downed by the purity and rise of excitement too. In the IPL, the players are seeking to mark their names, and the one who makes the sixes that travel the longest distances enjoys that honor. These enormous hits make the players feel like super heroes, and “the fans” scream and jump with excitement Now let’s go through the list of top longest six of the IPL.

PlayerTeamDistance (in meters)
Albie MorkelChennai Super Kings125
Praveen KumarKings XI Punjab124
Adam GilchristKings XI Punjab122
Robin UthappaRoyal Challengers Bangalore120
Chris GayleRoyal Challengers Bangalore119
Yuvraj SinghKings XI Punjab119
Ross TaylorRoyal Challengers Bangalore119
Ben CuttingSunrisers Hyderabad117
Gautam GambhirKolkata Knight Riders117
MS Dhoni/Faf Du PlessisChennai Super Kings/Royal Challengers Bangalore115

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Longest six in the IPL history

Each year in Indian Premiere tournaments, we see some sixes that makes our jaw dropped like these epic sixes which were shown in the ads and they make us speechless. Whether Big Hitting of Chris Gayle or flamboyant shots from AB de Villiers, each and every season possesses some amazing moments. Definitely, whether it is a tense chase or a high scoring game, fans hunger themselves for these exciting moments when the ball goes out of the boundary. These sixes really kick the game up a notch and at the same time showcase just how much power of these players the world of cricket is holding. Therefore, as we head towards the next all-time IPL season, we have a lot to anticipate, and there is no doubt that seeing the longest six in Indian Premiere League is just one of them. Despite that, let’s now go through the longest five of all time in IPL.

YearPlayer NameTeamDistance (in meters)
2023Faf du PlessisRoyal Challengers Bangalore115
2022Liam LivingstonePunjab Kings117
2021Ruturaj GaikwadChennai Super Kings108
2020Nicholas PooranKings XI Punjab106
2019MS DhoniChennai Super Kings111
2018AB de VilliersRoyal Challengers Bangalore111
2017Travis HeadRoyal Challengers Bangalore109
2016Ben CuttingSunrisers Hyderabad117
2015AB de VilliersRoyal Challengers Bangalore108
2014David MillerKings XI Punjab102
2013Praveen KumarKings XI Punjab124
2012MS DhoniChennai Super Kings112
2011Adam GilchristKings XI Punjab122
2010Robin UthappaRoyal Challengers Bangalore120
2009Yuvraj SinghKings XI Punjab119
2008Albie MorkelChennai Super Kings125

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Who hit longest six in IPL History?

IPL is characterized by the sixes that are still a fond memory to the numerous fans of the game. It is these moments of brilliance that leave one in awe of the pure talent and sheer audacity of Indian Premier League cricketers. Whether it is gentle sweep of Gabbar or stunning show of Andre Russell.

Let’s take a look at some of the players who hit Longest six in IPL:

Chris Gayle: 

He has a tremendous positive reputation for going across the cricket boundary. Chris Gayle is set to hold the record for one of the longest sixes in IPL history. While playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Gayle sent a mere ball from Prasanth Parameswaran into another orbit. It was a blast with such a great height that it sailed a long way before falling into a stand.

Andre Russell:

Andre Russell is no stranger to hitting massive sixes. His exploits in the Indian Premier League are a testament to his extraordinary power-hitting abilities. In a match for Kolkata Knight Riders, Russell unleashed a ferocious strike off the bowling of Mohammed Siraj. He sent the ball sailing into the night sky and leaving fielders and fans alike in awe of his raw power.

MS Dhoni

There is not many players who can handle as good as MS Dhoni when it comes to innovative stroke play or hitting that is not orthodox. While playing an Indian Premier League match as CSK, Dhoni gave a flawless display of his trademark ‘helicopter shot’. He pulled off a breathtaking delivery from James Faulkner, which was a flick of his wrist that sent the ball flying into the crowd.

AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers is someone capable of producing miracles in the most challenging circumstances. His heroics in IPL are the perfect evidence of his greatness. To illustrate, during a RCB match de Villiers hit a ball from Ishant Sharma which went way over the stadium and “landed” in the heart of cricket fans everywhere.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma as the captain of Mumbai Indians has been the personification of both elegance with his strokeplay and cleanness of strike. In the course of an incredible IPL game, sharmaa arguably one of the best power-hitters demonstrated his batting abilities. He made the Kumar delivery into the stadium with a little effort. It creates a stunned and amazed look on the audience’s faces.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Longest Six in the IPL:

1. What is a “longest six” in IPL?

In the IPL, “longest six” is measured by tracking the distance a cricket ball travels after a batsman strikes it, usually from the point of impact to where it lands beyond the boundary ropes.

2. Who has the record for hitting the longest six in IPL?

Albie Morkel has the record for the longest six in IPL history.

3. How are the longest sixes measured in IPL matches?

Stadium tracking technology usually measure the length of a six in an IPL match by providing an estimate of the distance the ball travels after a batsman hits it.

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