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Most Catches in IPL: Player with the most catches in IPL history

IPL, the Indian Premier League, is probably the most pronounced and highest scoring cricket tournament which takes place across the globe. Even though it is batters who are usually the limelight heroes with their awe-inspiring sixes and velocity 100+ runs, the fielders pride themselves on their valuable contributions to the overall result of matches. The whole IPL history has had amazing players with their outstanding catching skills that couldn’t be ignored, and here in this article, we will be exploring the most catches in IPL history.

The table below shows the top 10 players with IPL most catches in all season:

Virat Kohli2421103
Suresh Raina2051093
Kieron Pollard1891032
Ravindra Jadeja231*1004
Rohit Sharma2471003
Shikhar Dhawan221983
AB de Villiers184903
David Warner181844
Manish Pandey170813
DJ Bravo161803

Most Catches in the IPL 2023

The 2023 edition of the Indian Premier League featured spectacular fielding again which really had something to feast on. The Super Kings’ keeper Rituraj Gaikwad topped the charts by taking 17 catches during the course of the tournament.

Most Catches in the IPL 2022

The Gujarat Titans’ Riyan Parag took the most catches in the Indian Premiere League 2022 season. The seasoned veteran took 17 diving catches throughout the tournament. This is testament to the same blend of sportiness and skillful hands that has made him a regular contestant for the title of the IPL’s best fielder.

Most catches in IPL 2021

Out of all the departments, Jadeja of the Chennai Super Kings was the one who definitely stood out for the 2021 IPL season as he took that outstanding 13 catches for his team. The alertness and agility on Jadeja’s part were the most striking features, especially the ones that he pulled off were great masterpieces.

Most no of catches in IPL 2020

The 2020 IPL season, which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic saw the Chennai Super Kings’ Faf du Plessis as the top fielder, registering 12 catches. The wide range of the South African veteran’s acrobatic skills were demonstrated, and the unshakable focus and concentration was seen, when he made some of the breathtaking catches that enhanced the performance of his team.

Most catches in IPL 2019

2019’s Indian Premier League witnessed Faf du Plessis of the Chennai Super Kings positioned on top in terms of catches with an outstanding record of 12 catches. The South Africa Player’s agility, anticipation, and safe hands were nothing but a demonstration as he saved the day for his team with some amazing catches and went on to make the playoffs.

Most catches in IPL 2018

The 2018 version of IPL featured a chunky performance from Shikhar Dhawan of the Chennai Super Kings side who have taken a matching 12 catches. Shikhar’s moves were magnificent. He made superb catches that we will never forget.

Most catches in the IPL 2017

In the 2017 season of the IPL, Kieron Pollard from Mumbai Indians exhibited his mastery in the fielding field by taking 15 catches. Kieron Pollard, a West Indian all-rounder, was the backbone of his team’s defense and accurate fielding – this of course, enabled his team to secure the thrilling victory and clinch their third IPL title.

Most catches in IPL 2016

AB de Villiers, the Royal Challengers from Bangalore, took one of the 2016 IPL leagues outstanding individual fielding performances last season, with the take of 19 catches.

Most catches in IPL 2015

The 2015 season of IPL had Dwayne Bravo of the Chennai Super Kings as the player with the most catches breaking the record by 13. Bravo’s swiftness, experience and skilled hands played an indispensable role in getting his team to the playoffs.

Most Catches in IPL by Wicket Keeper

Wicket keepers, being on the field in a different position and having a completely different job, in the IPL, usually do most outstanding catches. The top 5 most catches by wicketkeeper in IPL

1. MS Dhoni – 123 catches

2. Dinesh Karthik – 108 catches

3. Wriddhiman Saha – 90 catches

4. Quinton de Kock – 87 catches

5. Rishabh Pant – 84 catches

Most Catches in IPL by a Team

In fielding Chennai Super Kings is the most impressive and outstanding team among all the teams playing in Indian Premier League (IPL) as the players of this team took largest catches in the history of the league. The top 5 teams with the most catches in the IPL are:

1. Chennai Super Kings – 1,257 catches

2. Mumbai Indians – 1,132 catches

3. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 1,035 catches

4. Kolkata Knight Riders – 1,009 catches

5. Delhi Capitals – 982 catches

Most Catches by a Player in IPL

Among all, Virat Kohli, the team’s captain and a veteran Indian cricket player, holds the record for the most catches made by a player in the IPL. In the assigned tournament, 110 catches from Raina has been the tribute to his fielding excellence and making him one of the best fielders.

In summary, the IPL has had some happening fielding achievements in the recent years, and this was witnessed when players from various franchises and backgrounds flaunted their exceptional catch monologues. The set of figures that was used in the write-up of this article emphasizes how some players, particularly teams, have consistently performed well in this segment of the competition. This has been the key to their success in the tournament.


Who has taken most catches in IPL history so far?

Virat Kohli has taken the most 110 catches in the IPL history so far.

Who took the most catches in IPL 2013?

Dwayne Bravo took the most number of catches in IPL 2013. He took 14 catches in that season.

Who took the most catches in IPL 2012?

Rohit Sharma took the most number of catches in IPL 2012. He took 13 catches in that season.

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