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Most ducks in IPL 2008-2024 | Most Golden ducks in IPL history

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is not only a sporting event but also an emotional rollercoaster journey which keeps fans engaged with the ups and downs that keep these fans thrilled. Surrounding by the wall of fours and sixes, there is a thought that occasionally available and is not mentioned a lot, however, it carries a huge significance – the number of ducks in a player during the whole tournament. Now is the time to check the top 10 most ducks run in the innings of IPL in IPL points table.

PlayerInnings PlayedNumber of Ducks
Dinesh Karthik22117
Rohit Sharma23816
Mandeep Singh9815
Sunil Narine9615
Manish Pandey15814
Ambati Rayudu18614
Glenn Maxwell12014
Harbhajan Singh9013
Parthiv Patel13713
Rashid Khan5113
Ajinkya Rahane15813
Piyush Chawla8613

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Most ducks in IPL history – Full list

Picture this: right in the middle of the field surrounded by people cheering and buzzing, the player is standing up at bat ready to mark the game with their actions. However, in a moment, they can find themselves going back to the pavilion with their innings tangled up before it could begin. Ducks in cricket wear a different meaning than the ones which you can watch in the pond. “A duck” is just another way to describe a batsman scoring no runs then getting out. It’s simply humiliating, as if you messed up at the beginning of a flight. Through the IPL, which is based on the fact that every run is counted and a loss of momentum can really irritate a team, a duck can significantly damage your team.

So then we come to the question of who takes the credit of having the maximum number of ducks in the history of IPL? By this means, we could take a closer look at both the figures and the stories behind this record.

PlayerYearInnings playedDucks
KD Karthik (DC/GL/KKR/KXIP/MI/RCB)2008-202322117
RG Sharma (DC/MI)2008-202323816
SP Narine (KKR)2012-20239615
Mandeep Singh (DC/KKR/KXIP/PBKS/RCB)2010-20239815
Rashid Khan (GT/SRH)2017-20235214
PP Chawla (CSK/KKR/KXIP/MI)2008-20238614
GJ Maxwell (DC/KXIP/MI/RCB)2012-202312014
MK Pandey (DC/KKR/LSG/MI/PWI/RCB/SRH)2008-202315814
AT Rayudu (CSK/MI)2010-202318714
Harbhajan Singh (CSK/KKR/MI)2008-20219013
PA Patel (CSK/DC/Kochi/MI/RCB/SRH)2008-201913713
AM Rahane (CSK/DC/KKR/MI/RPS/RR)2008-202315913
G Gambhir (DC/KKR)2008-201815212
R Ashwin (CSK/DC/KXIP/RPS/RR)2009-20238511
DA Warner (DC/SRH)2009-202317611
S Dhawan (DC/MI/PBKS/SRH)2008-202321611
A Mishra (DC/LSG/SRH)2008-20235710
SV Samson (DC/RR)2013-202314810
AB de Villiers (DC/RCB)2008-202117010
V Kohli (RCB)2008-202322910
CH Morris (CSK/DC/RCB/RR)2013-2021519
P Kumar (GL/KXIP/MI/RCB/SRH)2008-2017599
JH Kallis (KKR/RCB)2008-2014969
YK Pathan (KKR/RR/SRH)2008-20191549
R Sharma (DC/PWI)2010-2014208
RD Chahar (MI/PBKS/RPS)2017-2023228
UT Yadav (DC/KKR/RCB)2010-2023508
N Pooran (KXIP/LSG/PBKS/SRH)2019-2023598
MP Stoinis (DC/KXIP/LSG/RCB)2016-2023748
MK Tiwary (DC/KKR/KXIP/RPS)2008-2018858
DR Smith (CSK/DC/GL/MI)2008-2017898
AJ Finch (DC/GL/KKR/KXIP/MI/PWI/RCB/RR/SRH)2010-2022908
NV Ojha (DC/RR/SRH)2009-2018948
CH Gayle (KKR/KXIP/PBKS/RCB)2009-20211418
RA Jadeja (CSK/GL/Kochi/RR)2008-20231738
RV Uthappa (CSK/KKR/MI/PWI/RCB/RR)2008-20221978
SK Raina (CSK/GL)2008-20212008
SK Warne (RR)2008-2011297
SN Thakur (CSK/DC/KKR/KXIP/RPS)2015-2023347
HV Patel (DC/RCB)2012-2023387
STR Binny (MI/RCB/RR)2010-2019687
PP Shaw (DC)2018-2023717
AC Gilchrist (DC/KXIP)2008-2013807
N Rana (KKR/MI)2016-2023997
V Sehwag (DC/KXIP)2008-20151047
MA Agarwal (DC/KXIP/PBKS/RCB/RPS/SRH)2011-20231177
F du Plessis (CSK/RCB/RPS)2012-20231237
SA Yadav (KKR/MI)2012-20231247
WP Saha (CSK/GT/KKR/KXIP/SRH)2008-20231367
SR Watson (CSK/RCB/RR)2008-20201417
AB Dinda (DC/KKR/PWI/RCB/RPS)2008-2017176
S Nadeem (DC/SRH)2011-2021226
PP Ojha (DC/MI)2008-2015236
MJ McClenaghan (MI)2015-2019246
SL Malinga (MI)2009-2019256
M Manhas (CSK/DC/PWI)2008-2014386
TM Dilshan (DC/RCB)2008-2013506
S Badrinath (CSK)2008-2013676
EJG Morgan (KKR/KXIP/RCB/SRH)2010-2021756
KM Jadhav (CSK/DC/Kochi/RCB/SRH)2010-2023816
Ishan Kishan (GL/MI)2016-2023856
JC Buttler (MI/RR)2016-2023956
KH Pandya (LSG/MI)2016-2023996
AR Patel (DC/KXIP)2014-20231016
BB McCullum (CSK/GL/KKR/Kochi/RCB)2008-20181096
L Balaji (CSK/KKR/KXIP)2008-2014155
MM Patel (GL/MI/RR)2008-2017155
A Nehra (CSK/DC/MI/PWI/SRH)2008-2017225
M Morkel (DC/KKR/RR)2009-2016235
JJ Bumrah (MI)2013-2022265
AP Tare (DC/MI/SRH)2010-2017285
RP Singh (DC/Kochi/MI/RCB/RPS)2008-2016305
Z Khan (DC/MI/RCB)2008-2017325
DW Steyn (DC/GL/RCB/SRH)2008-2020375
MM Ali (CSK/RCB)2018-2023525
B Kumar (PWI/SRH)2011-2023635
AD Russell (DC/KKR)2012-2023965
SS Iyer (DC/KKR)2015-20221015
M Vijay (CSK/DC/KXIP)2009-20201065
DJ Bravo (CSK/GL/MI)2008-20221135
HH Pandya (GT/MI)2015-20231155
KA Pollard (MI)2010-20221715
MS Dhoni (CSK/RPS)2008-20232185
KK Ahmed (DC/SRH)2018-202354
PJ Sangwan (DC/GL/GT/KKR/MI)2008-2022154
Anuj Rawat (RCB/RR)2021-2023164
UBT Chand (DC/MI/RR)2011-2016204
VVS Laxman (DC/Kochi)2008-2011204
SP Goswami (KKR/RCB/RR/SRH)2008-2020214
S Gopal (MI/RR/SRH)2014-2022224
Mohammed Shami (DC/GT/KKR/KXIP/PBKS)2013-2023254
Sandeep Sharma (KXIP/PBKS/RR/SRH)2013-2023274
Kuldeep Yadav (DC/KKR)2016-2023284
K Rabada (DC/PBKS)2017-2023284
JD Ryder (PWI/RCB)2009-2012294
PJ Cummins (DC/KKR)2014-2022314
Gurkeerat Singh (KXIP/RCB)2012-2020324
MR Marsh (DC/PWI/RPS/SRH)2010-2023324
HH Gibbs (DC/MI)2008-2012364
CL White (DC/RCB/SRH)2008-2013454

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Which player has the most ducks in IPL history

Even though Karthik has spectacular field performances and game-changing appearances, he also has tasted failures equally and he has already registered a massive feather towards his head cap (17 ducks). Some people would say that it’s downright shocking for someone with such great skill but I guess that’s just the nature of the game.

Most golden ducks in IPL

Breaking down the influence of most number of ducks to a team performance in IPL, let’s quickly move from the personal stories to the bigger picture. However, even though an individual duck may not be such a big deal in the grand scheme of things, failure of a great number of them can easily influence the result of the whole campaign. Rashid khan has scored the most number of IPL golden ducks. He has 10 golden IPL ducks on his name.

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Most ducks in IPL 2024

IPL 2024 is started from 23 April 2024. The first match was happened between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans. This is the updated list of IPL 2024.

Ishan Kishan1110000

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Most ducks in IPL 2023

In addition, a player may experience emotional consequences as a result of ducks, which can lower their self-confidence and put more weight on them to perform in the next match. During 2023 season, Jos Buttler scored the highest number of ducks for the IPL.

Jos Buttler (RR)514143922804

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Most ducks in IPL 2022

In such high-profile competitions as the IPL where each game is a “now or never” scenario, psychological aspect of the sport is of equal importance as physical performance. In 2022, Jaspreet Bumrah completes this milestone and holds the record of the batsman with most ducks in IPL.

Jasprit Bumrah (MI)61460000

Most ducks in IPL 2021

Pressure of almost and most on consecutively hitting ducks in IPL is the biggest factor creating momentum and hence responsible for the match results. In 2021, Nicholas Pooran from Punjab Kings became the victim of the five-golden ducks strike.

Nicholas Pooran (PBKS)1211857.724

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Most ducks in IPL 2020

IPL2020 was a nostalgic series for fans. The pandemic had left the people hopelessly wanting for entertainment until cricket league IPL became the torch of hope. In this season, his coming at the top of the line up against Delhi Capitals turned him into a record of 4 ducks.

Shikhar Dhawan (DC)171761844.144

Most ducks in IPL 2019

In the electrifying world of IPL where excitement rules and every run is stimulating, ducks occur. This may be the most humbling moments when a batsman is shamed because of a no achievement. In the season of IPL 2019, Khan Rashid was the player who was out on 0 on four instances.

Rashid Khan (SRH)4158346.80

Most ducks in IPL 2018

In the fast-moving of IPL where a momentum can shift quickly, a duck perhaps can appear the smallest thing but can surely carry the most weight. We all know, no matter how many runs, the one where we were departed with zero feels damn hard, even for the team. Jofra Archer emerged as the player with the highest number of ducks in IPL 2018 season.

Jofra Archer (RR)1081533

Nevertheless, records of ducks rescue show there is also happiness as well as their strength to overcome hardships. Through players like AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli, who are known for failures at some point but have overcome the difficulties to rise and become a symbol of hard work, patience, and determination, we learn the importance of persevering and pushing in times of adversities.


1. What does it mean to have a duck in cricket?

A duck in cricket refers to a batsman being dismissed without scoring any runs. It’s a term dreaded by players and signifies a failure in their innings.

2. Who holds the record for the most ducks in the IPL?

Dinesh Karthik holds the record for the most ducks in IPL history, tallying an astonishing 17 ducks throughout his career.

3. How do ducks impact a team’s performance in the IPL?

Ducks can have significant implications on a team’s performance in the IPL, as multiple failures can lead to momentum shifts and psychological pressure on players. It can ultimately affect the outcome of matches.

4. Are there any players who have overcome their duck woes in the IPL?

Yes, players like AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli have faced their fair share of failures but have showcased resilience and determination to emerge as stalwarts of the IPL, underscoring the importance of perseverance in the face of setbacks.

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