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Rishabh Pant IPL: Rishabh Pant journey in IPL so far

Cricket is becoming increasingly challenging nowadays where accuracy meets power. Among all players, Rishabh Pant stands out as being very dynamic. Born on 4th of October, 1997 in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, Rishabh Pant’s journey to cricketing stardom has been exceptionally phenomenal! It is his sensational hitting as well as his wickedly fast reaction times that have led to him becoming one of the most famous faces in world cricket, especially in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Let’s take a look at Rishabh Pant IPL journey.

Rishabh pant IPL career Information

The story of Pant’s cricketing career started at a small portion involving playing for the local club in Roorkee when he was a young man. Thanks to his inherent talent, he was picked up by the trainers and the team selectors that led to the induction of him in the Delhi cricket team. Due to the attacks of Pant and high scoring rates in the domestic format, he became a top candidate for many cricket tournaments.

His biggest moment, however, came during the staging of the 2016 Under-19 Cricket World Cup, in which India managed to reach the final and his role was quite instrumental in reaching that far. His astonishing knocks not only secured him a role in the IPL team Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals), but also brought accolades from various cricket legends.

Rishabh pant IPL teams through the years

Starting in 2016 when he debuted for Delhi Capitals, Pant has played in almost every season, featuring in all the major Indian Premier League matches except IPL 2022. Shocked by his fearsome batting and the cheeky attitude with which he took on the best bowlers in the world brought him not only the respect of his teammates and fans but also the love from the seniors.. Let’s take a look at Pant’s journey in the IPL through the years

Rishabh pant IPL 2016: Pant enters the IPL with a bang, accumulating 198 runs from 10 outings with an outstanding strike rate of 130.26 due to his skill.

Rishabh pant IPL 2017: Pant’s performance this year was a significant turning point for him, as he became one of the most aggressive and promising batsmans in the world. He made 366 runs in the 14 matches he played, and his breathtaking century against the Gujarat Lions is only one of his unforgettable hits.

Rishabh pant IPL 2018: Pant was a standout performer for DD which bagged him the second spot for the highest runs in the tournament played 14 times with 684 runs contributed. His fierce batting manner and his ability to clear the lines like anything was a challenge any bowler would have faced .

Rishabh pant IPL 2019: However his game was not without its share of the ups and downs, but he managed to accumulate 488 runs in 16 matches which confirm his adaptability to different situations of the matches.

Rishabh pant IPL 2020: Pant had an average season when compared to his form and ended the year with an aggregate of 343 runs. On the other hand, although he had some difficulties, he, nevertheless, showed his skill and talent under the pressure in the matches.

Rishabh pant IPL 2021: Based on this occurrence, for the first time, Rishabh Pant was announced as the captain of Delhi Capitals in the absence of routine captain Shreyas Iyer. It is under his management that the Delhi team has reached the final of the IPL for the first time in history and even though Chennai Super Kings won the game, the performance of the Delhi team should be lauded.

Rishabh pant IPL 2022: Rishabh played 14 matches in IPL 2022 in which he scored 340 runs with the average of 30.91. He has played some good innings where his team needed him the most.

Rishabh pant IPL 2023: Pant had a major car accident in Dec 2022 due to which he was not able to play IPL in this season. Delhi Capitals surely missed his captain in this edition of Indian Premier League.

Rishabh pant IPL 2024: Rishabh made a comeback in IPL 2024 and once again he captained the Delhi Capitals team. He is having a good season after a short inning in the first 2 matches.

Rishabh Pant highest score in IPL

YearHighest Score

IPL Batting Stats

In his IPL career so far, Rishabh Pant has displayed an outstanding performance, accumulating a total of 2991 runs in 103 matches at an average of 34.38 and a strike rate of 149.29. He has destroyed one century and 17 half-centuries in that regard, evidencing his capacity for game-changing performances.

IPL Keeping Stats

Besides his achievements with the bat, Pant also stands as a solid wicket keeper when compared with others. As a prolific wicket-keeper, he has made 92 catches and concluded 15 stumpings in his IPL career While remaining a dependable and versatile player on the pitch.

In all, Rishabh Pant’s IPL voyage is indubitably one of the most exceptional in cricket history. He did not just show great batting performance from the beginning but also developed himself into one of the most destructive batsmen in the tournament. As he is only in the middle of his career, cricket lovers can be certain that they will see many more sensational skills from this talented player.


Why did Rishabh Pant not play IPL 2023?

Rishabh was injured in a horrific car accident in December 2022, due to which he stayed away from cricket for more than a year.

How many runs has Rishabh scored so far in IPL?

So far Rishabh has scored 2991 runs in IPL in which his strike rate has been 149.29.

What is Rishabh Pant’s highest score in IPL?

Rishabh Pant’s highest score in IPL is 128 runs which he made in the year 2018.

When did Rishabh Pant start playing in the IPL?

Rishabh Pant played his first match in IPL for Delhi Daredevils team in 2016.

When did Rishabh become the captain of Delhi Capitals?

Rishabh was appointed the captain of Delhi Capitals in the year 2021.

What is Rishabh pant IPL 2024 price?

Rishabh Pant was retained by Delhi Capitals and he will get Rs 16 crore this year.

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