Worst IPL team

Worst IPL team – Worst team in IPL history

In the thrilling narrative of the Indian Premier League (IPL), where the rollercoaster ride of victories and defeats goes on from season to season for franchisees, some of them have been more unfortunate to get on the wrong side of the cycle and find themselves in a cycle of disappointment more than others. While millions of fans are cheering their favorite teams and players are mesmerizing the crowd with their field brilliance, the story of the worst IPL team is a solemn note associated with challenges and tribulations that come with the pursuit of cricket success.

Worst team in IPL History

TeamSeasons PlayedMatches PlayedWin %Best Finish
Delhi Daredevils1319444.84%Semi-Final
Kings XI Punjab1419346.63%Runners-up
Royal Challengers Bangalore1419847.98%Runners-up
Pune Warriors India34621.74%9th Place
Deccan Chargers77548.00%Winners

Analyzing the no 1 worst team in IPL

Delhi Daredevils: 

Among the franchises that have been suffering huge failures in the IPL, Delhi Daredevils, renamed now as Delhi Capitals, appear to be experiencing the most brushes with defeat time and again. The team, although packed with great players and made very influential signings over the years, has so far been incapable of turning its potential into on-field success. Having a win percentage of 44.84% and a highest position reaching semi-finals, the Daredevils’ experience in the IPL are wrapping around inconsistency and reasons of expectancies and that is why they are considered the worst team of IPL.

Kings XI Punjab: 

A team which has a reputation of being one of the perennial underachievers in IPL, Kings XI Punjab has been one of those teams which have struggled with inconsistency and mediocre performances season after season. In spite of gathering statements of legendary players on one team or spending money on star players, the franchise failed to do what is important- to achieve results on the ground. The team’s journey towards the IPL title has been difficult since they have achieved a win percentage of 46.63% and runners-up finish as their maximum achievement till now. They are now known as one of the Worst IPL team.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: 

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), with the star players like Virat Kohli or AB de Villiers being in the team, has had a rollercoaster of emotions in the IPL as far as the quality of the performance is concerned. RCB has been seen sparkling as brilliance at times and also very plain and average during some other periods of the international tournament. The team has on the one hand an extraordinary group of professionals that has been devoted to the mission of winning the IPL title year after year but on the other hand has repeatedly struggled in the critical moments of the competitions and as a result didn’t manage to confirm their status of the tournament’s winner. India Premier League’s Royal Challengers Bangalore, in their four seasons, have scored 47.98 wins, and yet, each of the two times they were first runners up, the IPL championship still eludes them.

Pune Warriors: 

Spending only a short period in IPL and leaving hardly any impression, Pune Warriors India could not do much meaningful during their three years in the league. Although the team was well-equipped with talented players and had a promising squad, it seemed that the club didn’t do well in the increasingly competitive market of the IPL. With a win percentage of 21.74% and a ninth position being the best rank, it was packed with a huge fat of disappointment and underachievement during the limited run of the Pune Warriors India into the IPL.

Deccan Chargers:

Although Deccan Chargers achieved great success by winning the title in the first season of IPL in 2009, their performance was not very consistent and sometimes challenging (even if they won the trophy). However, following their victory in season 2, the team was not able to keep the high momentum in later seasons and usually finished the season at the bottom of the scoreboard table. The Deccan Chargers garnered a win percentage of 48.00% and a title win being their greatest highlight, their IPL journey was filled with ups and down.

The story of the worst IPL team talks about both the downsides and uncertainties of the professional cricket world. Despite the fact that they do everything to the best of their abilities and their faithful fans stick to them, some teams are sometimes unable to find luck, ranging from inconsistency and underperformance to the emptiness of prescribed expectations.

Performance of all the active teams in IPL

In the IPL history, Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings have the highest win percentage so far. While Gujarat Titans are playing their 3rd season in IPL 2024, Chennai Super Kings are known for their legacy. Let’s take a look at the Performance of all the active teams in IPL.

Delhi Capitals2008-2023238105127
Punjab Kings2008-2023232104124
Sunrisers Hyderabad2013-20231667884
Royal Challengers Bangalore2008-2023241114120
Rajasthan Royals2008-2023206101100
Kolkata Knight Riders2008-2023237119114
Mumbai Indians2008-2023247138105
Lucknow Super Giants2022-2023301712
Chennai Super Kings2008-202322513191
Gujarat Titans2022-2023332310


Which is the worst team in IPL?

Delhi Daredevils, Kings XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Pune Warriors and Deccan Chargers are considered as the worst teams in IPL.

Which was the worst team in IPL 2023?

Sunrisers Hyderabad was the worst team in IPL 2023 as they were on the last spot in the points table 2023.

Which was the worst team in ipl 2022?

Mumbai Indians remained at the last spot in the points table after the league matches in IPL 2022.

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