Best betting sites in India

Best cricket betting sites in India: Gain maximum profits from sites

T20 betting stands for the betting system where you can put your money and bet on the outcomes of two or more teams in a T20 match. The bets include the match winner, top batsman, top bowler and more. Today in this article, we are going to bring you all the details that are needed to be known regarding best cricket betting sites in India.

Which are the best T20 World Cup Betting sites?

The T20 World Cup schedule is already out and there are plenty of such online sites with betting options available on the Internet, however, only a handful of them can be relied upon. Not least, there are some selected websites in which you can bet without any fear and we have done the research in the market to provide some of such best online betting sites for cricket in India for you.


Indibet is one of the best site for cricket betting in India to bet on cricket games amongst all available platforms. It has got the best odds and the interface is so very easy to use on this website. It is quite simple to use and it provides round the clock customer service to ensure your needs are met at any one time.

Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange is one of the best cricket betting sites in India. It does not involve any premium charge and it is easy to use this marketplace website. It is comprehensive, cost-effective, and highly saturated; all of which present the consumer with the best experience.

Betting Exchange

It is easy, has better payouts, and has extra tools to ensure your betting experience is as comfortable as possible. The accepted modes of payment, secure payment options include Net Banking, UPI & G Pay, Visa, and Mastercards are accepted. They are one of the best cricket betting sites for beginners.


Betting is commonly known to be associated with this platform which is widely recognized nowadays. Here you can negotiate your winnings with a low commission where you have to pay only 5% commission. The website has a relatively simple and user-friendly design and they offer live betting and matched betting products.


Yet another renowned site associated with betting is Betdaq. It has the potential of having a large number of clients and in return can generate good amounts of income for the website. It is also possible to navigate this site using mobile phones and it requires small memory space on the device’s memory.

How to know which are the best betting sites in India for cricket?

You will get many options to bet on a cricket app like most wickets in T20 world cup. Though it is very easy to get carried away with the numerous betting sites available, there are some factors that any smart bettor has to consider when choosing the best cricket betting sites in India. Regardless of going to any betting sites, realize what you need before the spot of this bet and afterward decide a betting exchange site. Here are some points that will assist in choosing the best legal cricket betting sites in India.

  • You should know more about the website and its features before placing a bet there.
  • Some websites do not charge a premium amount so they are much better.
  • Read the reviews of the sites and see whether they can meet the needs of consumers. In this way you will be able to know that the site is actual and is not fake.
  • Imagine a specific need and then open a website and read rules that are contained in its terms and conditions section.
  • Well if you are new and you don’t wish to put your effort into it, then just get linked with a famous name and then you can always bet on the website which you believe is running more.

Which best online cricket betting sites in India have the best chance at winning?

Frequently there arises a question where we will get more profit from this betting site website or that one. However, the ground reality seems to show that on the vast majority of websites that provide an opportunity to participate in gambling, the odds of winning and losing are about the same. Try to use the best T20 cricket betting strategy to win a bet.

As significant, it is important to be aware that the website that you are planning to use for betting is real. There are a number of similar websites available in the market which are actually fraud in nature and instead of providing you the money when you win, they may even lock your account or many a times cause many other issues. For this, you undertake research, refer to the best cricket betting sites in India we have highlighted, or follow reviews.

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How many cricket betting sites are available in India?

There are numerous websites available for cricket betting. However, in the present context most of these options are not genuine or legal. Pre-research is very crucial to start your betting journey.

Where to look for the best cricket betting site?

Every site presents something unique for bettors and you should research about some of these sites if you are to bet. Indibet, Betfair, Betdaq are some of the sites that have rounded the best in the features.

What should you look for in the top cricket betting site?

The bet app should also allow for the simplest betting experience without the user facing any issues. Benefits that you need to consider include the following; no premium charges, high approach to liquidity and easy payment options.

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