Cricket Bails Price

Cricket Bails Price: Average cost of bails and stumps

Learning the cost of cricket equipment is important whether you are a beginner, an amateur or a professional player, as cricket is a game for millions of people around the world. Cricket bail is among some of the key pieces that are used in the game of cricket. In this cricket guide, we will take you through the Cricket Bails Price and also provide additional information on products such as cricket bails and stumps.

Cricket Bails Price

Cricket bails are small pieces of wood that rest on top of the stumps and are an integral part of the cricketing process. The cost of cricket bails can be determined based on the type and the material that is used in the making of these bails. Wooden bails for rounded ends, required in normal or a layman’s cricket usually ranges between $5 – $15 per 2. Prices average between $10 to $15 per set of wooden bails for amateur and locally produced sets while prices between $20 and $40 are common for superior top professional match sets. If you are interested in T20 betting, then these are the basic things you must know.

Cricket Stump Bails Price

When purchasing bunks, the stumps are normally provided in a set with the bails. A normal set of stumps and bails for relatively small home use should cost around $20 to $50. As for the professional-level sets and models, the price can start from $100 and reach a much higher price tag, depending on the quality of materials used for their creation.

Cricket Bails Light Price

LED bails are another new piece of equipment in today’s professional cricket that helps to identify the times when a wicket is disturbed, especially when playing at night. The cost is slightly higher for these LED bails as compared to the regular wooden bails. LED bails are available in several pack sizes, and a pack that contains a set of LED bails can cost between $150-$300. They must be made to stand the test of professionalism in the field to meet the unlimited challenges necessary in play, it also adds a visual element in the game.

Cricket Bails Price in India

Buying cricket bails is much cheaper in India than many other countries due to the availability of countless sports stores. Actually, in the Indian market, reasonably competitive prices can be offered, speaking again of basic wooden bails. For budget players who belong to the ‘Casualty’ category of badminton lovers, basic bails can be bought ranging from ₹200- ₹500 for a pair. Professional woods are expensive and cost between INR 800 to INR 1500 for a set of two. LED bails are expensive compared to their other counterparts and require anything between ₹10000 and ₹20000 per set. The weight of bails is also a factor in the bail cost like weight of ball determines ball price.

Cricket Wicket Bails Price

The term wicket bails is often used interchangeably with cricket bails, but specifically, this refers to wicket bails in cricket. Price does not change much with the basic wooden bails for regular use being sold at between $5 and $15 while those of a professional quality bails selling for between $20 and $40. LED technology makes the wicket bails slightly expensive that is why they are used widely for their features.

LED Cricket Bails Price

LED cricket bails were discussed earlier, these bails are a high-end product preferred for use in cricket. These bails glide on top of the stumps and flash in red when the wicket is broken, to let everyone know this has happened. A set of LED cricket bails normally costs between one hundred fifty U.S dollars, and three hundred U.S dollars. They are designed to stand the test of time, and are standard equipment at high-rank matches or tournaments. The price of cricket ball and bail are dependent on various factors explained above.

Whether you are simply practicing cricket as a casual sport or engaging in serious cricket with other players for the championship or any serious tournament or league match, it is essential to be aware of the cost of cricket equipment. Cricket bails can be purchased in every quality possible depending on the level at which the game is played and the quality of the bails produced by the manufacturers. Like any other product, Cricket bails and stumps are also available with varying price tags to accommodate the different needs of the users. Understanding so as to be able to anticipate specific factors also about the price range will enable informed choices to be made and thus the maximum fun in the game.

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