World Cup trophy price

Cricket World Cup trophy price: Revealing the cost of the trophy

The cricket World Cup is among the most important competitions in the Cricket calendar and the Cup given to the winning team is a trophy recognized and celebrated as a victorious symbol. Teams like Australia and England compete fiercely for this World Cup trophy price.

The Cricket World Cup is one of the biggest and most prestigious events in the cricketing universe, and whoever is interested in T20 betting, must have questioned the cost of the Cricket World Cup trophy.

Now, let’s consider traveling deep into the world full of interesting facts about this cup and its cost.

World Cup Price of trophy

Unfortunately, the Cricket World Cup Trophy price has not been revealed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) or laid down anywhere explicitly. Anyway, it is assumed that it is to some extent worth between $3,000 to $5,000,000 USD.

The total prize pool of the ODI World Cup 2023 is set at $10 million (approx. ₹84 crore), which highlights the significant value associated with the tournament and its rewards.

These costs consist of expenses invested in the raw materials for this jewelry like gold and silver, and the workmanship that went into making this work of art.

World Cup Trophy Price

When discussing the ICC World Cup trophy price, one also needs to discuss both material and non-material values of the item.

Specifically, it is made of metals such as gold and silver that form part of the estimated market value of the product.

It has a metaphorical value, which symbolizes the ultimate achievement in the field of cricket, so it is invaluable to the players and the audience. Winning each match and qualifying for the knockout stages not only increases the prize money but also adds to the prestige and value of the trophy.

ICC World Cup Trophy Price

The trophy Cricket World Cup price proves that every detail of the cup has been designed and manufactured carefully. The most awaited India vs Pakistan world cup match is so hyped because the teams wanted to win this trophy.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 features a crucial group stage where all 10 participating teams compete in group stage matches. The performance in these matches determines the teams’ progress and prize money distribution.

Standing at about 60 cm high and weighing around 11 kg, the trophy features a golden globe supported by three silver columns, symbolizing the three fundamental aspects of cricket: which are commonly known as batting, bowling, and fielding.

World Cup Trophy Price in Indian Rupees

ICC launches CWC Trophy Tour ahead of 2023 ODI World Cup in India -  Sportstar

For any follower of the Indian cricket team, knowing the amount of World Cup trophy in Indian Rupees is not just an information but adds an interesting aspect to it.

As calculated from the floor value of $30000 – $50000 USD the trophy would cost roughly 22 lakh to 37 lakh INR at the current exchange rate.

The losing semi-finalists, South Africa and England, will each earn $800,000 in prize money, highlighting the significant financial stakes and overall value of the tournament. Teams in World Cup winners list always receive this trophy.

Cricket World Cup Trophy Price in India

Talking about ICC Cricket World Cup trophy price in India raises feelings and this is the only fact that Indian fans are always very energetic and enthusiastic about the cricket game.

The tournament, especially the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, is a 20-team event with historic prize money, featuring first-round matches, Super 8s, semifinals, and a final, attracting a global audience.

The monetary value, when converted to Indian Rupees, enhances the ‘Big Picture’ and the importance of the trophy for Indian cricket.It is vital as it represents a return on the efforts expended by the winning side in the game and denotes prestige and honor.

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What is the cost of the Cricket World Cup Trophy?

It is believed that it costs between $30000-$50000 to have the Cricket World Cup Trophy. This value entails costs such as the price of raw materials embraced in the making of the product, in this case gold and silver.

What is the Cricket World Cup Trophy price in Rupees?

Assuming that the Cricket Trophy cost between 30000 – 50000 USD by estimation, the price in terms of INR will be around 22 – 37 lakhs INR at the present exchange rate roughly.

Why is the World Cup Trophy considered priceless?

The Cricket World Cup Trophy can be said to have no cost because it symbolizes the peak of success in cricket.

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