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ICC head office: know all about ICC headquarters

Welcome, cricket enthusiasts! Have you ever asked yourself where the headquarters of the International Cricket Council are located? ICC managed events are a huge profit opportunity for those who want to do T20 betting. Now, let me share with you a friendly ride that will tour you around and unveil anything you want to know about the ICC head office. 

Where is the ICC Head Office?

The ICC head office or ICC headquarters can be described as the headquarters through which the management of cricket is conducted. This leads me to the next questions; where is the ICC head office located?

The ICC headquarters is based in Dubai, UAE. You did not misjudge that one: It is not located in England, India or any other country that has passion for cricket; but it lies in the heart of Dubai. It is important to note that this venue provided a central and impartial ground for all the cricketing nations.

ICC Headquarters Location

Dubai is one of the most connected cities that boast modern infrastructure and infrastructure that makes it an ideal location for the ICC headquarters. The headquarter of the International Cricket Council was in London, but in 2005, it shifted its location to Dubai. This change was made in order to exploit the strategic location, no taxation policy of Dubai and the proximity of Dubai to many of the cricket playing nations.

ICC Headquarters in India?

Despite the fact that there are some large offices of cricket in India, including the BCCI, the ICC headquarters is not located in India. Nevertheless, due to India’s significant influence on world cricket, the ICC has a vibrant operation in the country.

ICC Headquarters in London: A Historical Note

Before it moved to Dubai, the International Cricket Council was based primarily in London. It was in the long term strategic vision of the ICC to continue globalisation of the sport and take advantage of the ever growing business facility in UAE by shifting its base to Dubai from ICC headquarters london. iCC decides many things like ICC elite panel umpires salary.

What Happens at the ICC Office?

The ICC office controls all aspects of the game in a manner similar to the way a control centre controls an aircraft. Right from the administration of international events such as the World Cup to putting into place the rules and regulations, all is done here. It is also involved in the promotion of the sport, management of events and the handling of issues to do with fairness and partaking in events internationally if there is a dispute. They also take care of the ICC events like making the T20 World Cup schedule.

Who is the Owner of ICC?

As much as ICC is a very acknowledged institution, there are various questions that many are asking, one of which is, who is the owner of ICC? The ICC does not belong to a single person or any of the countries that have it. It is an organisation with an international character of members from a given country. As of 2024, the current chairman of ICC is Greg Barclay.

ICC Headquarters in Which Country?

To summarise, let me restate that the ICC cricket headquarters is identified in the UAE, more specifically, Dubai. This location makes it possible for the ICC to be at the centre of the cricketing world by organising its businesses and having closer contacts and easy access to most of the member countries.


Thus the next time someone asks you such questions like where is ICC head office or where is ICC located, the answer will be Dubai, UAE. This strategic central position allows the ICC to conduct and market the sport of cricket as anticipated all over the world. So now, you know everything about ICC HQ, ICC headquarters, or the headquarter of International Cricket Council.

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Where is the ICC office?

ICC headquarters is located in Dubai, UAE.

Where was ICC headquarters situated previously?

ICC headquarters was previously situated in London.

Who is the current chairman of ICC?

Greg Barclay is the current chairman of ICC

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