where to watch world cup highlights

World Cup highlights: When and where to watch?

The World Cup is the most prestigious tournament in cricket where all the cricketing nations participate to fight for the World cup title. If it is a 50 over ODI World Cup or the T20 World Cup, both the events are exciting and have their thrilling moments. For the bettors who are interested in T20 betting, these highlights are important to them as they can understand about history as well as get updated. It is time now to find out where to watch World Cup highlights and how you can watch most of the thrilling moments you perhaps missed while the matches were going on.

World Cup Highlights: India Beat Afghanistan

T20 world cup highlights, team India with Rohit Sharma

World Cup is among the most eagerly awaited tournaments in the cricketing arena and involves the best playing nations around the globe to vie for the prestigious trophy. World Cup matches are always full of interesting events and moments. So today we will understand more about highlights of this world cup.

Cricket World Cup Highlights: Indian Captain Rohit Sharma

CWC highlights provide an insightful look of the tournament as they depict the most remarkable moments, impressive scores, and strategic wicket interventions. Recently, India beat Afghanistan in a T20 World Cup match. The highlights are especially helpful for those who would wish to repeat the moment or even for those who did not get to watch the matches. Whether slow-motion saves, awesome half-centuries by Indian batters, or dramatic catches, the best moments of the World Cup are presented to you in a quick, packed and vibrant form like highest run in the T20 World Cup. Rashid Khan’s exceptional bowling performance, taking 3 wickets, was a notable moment despite Afghanistan’s defeat.

CWC Highlights

Highlights of Team India match, Ravindra Jadeja, Rishabh Pant and Jasprit Bumrah

The term CWC highlights refers to the videos or shortened version of the cricket matches particularly in the Cricket World Cup. Indian captain Rohit Sharma plays a crucial role in these matches, making key decisions on the toss, batting order, and team strategy. These clips highlight the best moments of each match such as wickets taken by the bowlers, like Kuldeep Yadav’s impressive bowling performance, stunning innings knock from the batsmen and other vital moments that paved the way for the victory of the particular match. If you cannot watch every match live then CWC highlights are the best way to stay updated with the tournament. Mohammad Nabi’s impact on the game is also often featured, showcasing his contributions to the match dynamics.

Cricket T20 World Cup Highlights

Indian skipper and Indian batter, World cup match

The Cricket T20 World Cup 2024 highlights is all about high octane cricket contests with short duration games. The T20 World Cup 2024 features an exciting match between India and Afghanistan. T20 world cup cricket highlights show you all the best moments on the shortest version of the game, including India vs Afghanistan Live updates with live score updates, player interviews, and summaries. The T20 World Cup has a collection of best moments ranging from the last-over thrillers, fifties, hat-tricks and so on which are undoubtedly eye-soothing for the fans who want to experience those moments repeatedly. India won by 47 runs, with standout performances from Suryakumar Yadav and the Indian bowlers, making it a memorable match.

Where to Watch World Cup Highlights

Thinking about where it is possible to find the World Cup highlights? There are several platforms where you can find high-quality highlight reels:

Official ICC Website and App

The efforts of providing highlights are maintained by the International Cricket Council (ICC) through its official website and application. They are updated consistently so that you can never afford to miss out on crucial events.


Official YouTube channel of icc also exists which contains highlighted matches. Subscribe to stay updated with the newest video release and to have the convenience of bookmarking the place where you found your favorite clips with thrills.

Sports Networks

ESPN, Star Sports, Sky Sports, etc., show world cup highlights on their websites and app sections on smartphones. These sites offer a detailed look at each game beside the actual high spot features.

Social Media

In Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, one should subscribe to the International Cricket Council and other cricket-related news and updates. They often share preview clips and it is quite convenient to check them on the fly.

Streaming Services

Services such as Hotstar, Willow TV, and ESPN+ are other platforms where you can opt to pay for a subscription and watch full matches or highlights packages.

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Where can I watch the World Cup highlights?

To watch highlights of the World Cup, you can visit ICC’s official website and application, ICC’s Youtube channel or other official partners’ applications and websites like ESPN, Star sports and many more, or even on hotstar or willow TV.

What kind of moments are in Cricket World Cup highlights?

The Cricket highlights usually consist of mind-blowing innings that include big hundreds, match-changing wickets, brilliant slips, and catches and certain match turning that affected specific clashes.

Are T20 World Cup highlights different from ODI World Cup?

Yes, Cricket T20 World Cup highlights are concentrated on the special and sharp moments of T20 format like quick fifty, last over excitement, and match result, whereas for ODI World Cup, it comprises strategic thinking in the field of play, and the best performances are highlighted.

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