How To Choose The Best Online Football Betting Sites

How To Choose The Best Online Football Betting Sites? 2023

Best Online Football Betting Sites: If you want to bet on football but you have confused about How To Choose The Best Online Football Betting Sites? then this blog helps you to solve this problem. So keep reading this article to the end.

How To Choose The Best Online Football Betting Sites

Number of tournaments and events-

Before joining a betting site, you want to make sure that the bookie offers a wide range of football events and markets, including the leagues/competitions you want to bet on. We recommend sticking to a league you know well, such as the Indian Super League, as football is a difficult game to predict.

Most betting sites will offer the top football leagues and major competitions from Europe, but, it is also important to make sure they offer the smaller leagues as there are less data on these leagues, and often great potential for high values. Bet.

High Football Betting Odds-

One of the most important factors is the football betting margin/betting odds available at each bookie. Margin betting is essentially a betting site that \”fees\” you to place a bet, and the margin can be as low as 0% up to 12+.

We independently test a small sample of betting markets to get an idea of the betting margin on each bookie. In our tests, European-based bookmakers consistently offered the lowest margins available on the football markets for both domestic and international events.

  • IndiBet Soccer Margin – Near about 4.35%
  • Orbit Exchange Soccer Margin – Near about 4.61%
  • bet365 soccer margin – Near about 4.85%
  • Leovegas soccer margin – Near about 4.92%
  • 22bet Soccer Margin – Near about 5.54%
  • 888sport Soccer Margin – Near about 6.18%

Depth of Betting Markets-

After calculating the betting margin, we check to see how many betting markets are available for football competitions and leagues around the world. Best betting sites offer 300+ betting markets, player prop bets, bet builders (a feature to let you create custom bets), Asian markets, and more.

Most punters do not need this many betting markets, but, it is often much easier to find value in niche markets, rather than the regular markets available to all bookmakers.

However, some niche markets have frighteningly high betting margins compared to popular markets, and we encourage you to stick to a market you know if you are looking for long-term sustainable profitability.

Live Football Betting Experience (How To Choose The Best Online Football Betting Sites)-

The best betting sites offer great in-play/live betting experiences throughout the match with free live streams, cash-out options, and a wide variety of live betting markets.

IndiBet and Orbit Exchange are two of the best bookies for free live streaming, with both offering thousands of live sports streams every month if you have a funded account or bet on matches.

Furthermore, it is easy to join a betting site that provides live notifications for events in the match. And you can turn on notifications for in-game events such as goals, corners, cards, halftime/full-time results and full-time and many more.

Football Betting Special Offers & Promotions:

This ultimate guide has touched on some of the specialty bets that are widely available on sports betting sites in India above, but it really barely scratches the surface.

There are so many football betting special offers and promotions these days that it is impossible to list them all in one place. New deals are also being launched regularly, including a no-deposit free bet bonus for new customers.

This is because there is so much competition in the world of online sports betting that companies always have to offer something different to stand out.

Some promotions are more attractive than others, however, with lots of special offers for football betting making them less worthwhile at first glance. Claiming special offers and promotions through various football betting is a challenge we help with.

Claiming special offers and promotions (How To Choose The Best Online Football Betting Sites)

Here are some of the most common and best football promotions to watch out for.

ACCA Insurance: A popular promotion now is ACCA Insurance, which refunds football fans on their accumulator bets, in the event of one of their choosing knocking the bet down. The stake is usually returned in the form of cash, but sometimes bettors are paid in the form of free bets.

Free bets: Most bookies these days offer free bets to entice new users to sign up. But free bets can also be earned by existing customers at many of the best betting sites. One thing to bear in mind with free bets, especially those that are regularly given out to new users, is that there is often a time limit on when they can be used.

Winnings from free bets may also be subject to withdrawal requirements, meaning that a certain number of bets have to be placed before the money is available for withdrawal from a sports betting account.

Enhanced odds/price boosts: One of the main ways bookmakers entice people to place bets is through the use of enhanced odds, which are referred to as price boosts. Can also be known as These see prices move up for a particular bet, although there is usually a limit on the stake.

Money-back specials: A common promotion is a money-back special that various bookmakers offer. If the game accessory ends, the stake can be returned, for example.

Early payouts: Some of the bookmakers available on Betway and Bet365 offer early payouts on some football bets. As an example, if a team goes two goals ahead in a game, the bet may be paid regardless of what happens in the rest of the match.

Best Odds Guaranteed: Commonly found on horse racing betting sites, but increasingly offered for football as well, Best Odds Guaranteed does just what the hype does. tells the name of If a bookmaker places a bet at a lower price than an opponent, they pay the winnings at the higher odds. Guaranteed Best Odds reduces the need for football fans to hunt around the internet to find the best price for a bet they intend to place on the big game.

Explanation Of Football Betting Markets:

It is not unusual for a major sport in a competition such as the English Premier League or Champions League to have hundreds of different markets on sports betting sites.

However, here are some of the most common football betting markets – and what they mean:

1×2 (full-time result): A simple one to start with is the 1×2 match odds market. 1 refers to the home team, 2 to the away team, and X is the draw. Backers have to predict the end result.

Accumulators: Very popular with football fans in India and around the world, accumulators are a big deal as they offer a chance to win life-changing money from relatively small stakes. Backers combine multiple bets into a single bet to make the odds a lot.

Draw no bet: This bet does exactly what the name suggests. Backers pick a team to win and, if the final result of the game is a draw, their stake will be returned to their betting account.

Double chance: Again, this bet is what bookmakers would expect. Double Chance bets give players two chances to win. An example of a double chance bet would be for the result to be either a draw or a win for the away team. This is especially useful when supporting the underdog.

Correct Score: Predicting the correct score in football betting is famously difficult, but that doesn\’t stop a lot of fans of the sport from trying. Correct Score bets are only valid for the first 90 minutes, going into extra time or penalties in the event of a match in a cup competition.

Halftime/ Full-time: Similar to 1×2 bets, the added aspect of a Halftime/Fulltime bet is that backers must predict the result at both the break and the final whistle. For example, fans may want to bet on the away side but for the home team to turn it around towards the end.

Halftime /full-time correct score: This is the same betting market as above, but the backer gets to choose the score for the break and end of the game, not just the result.

Goalscorer (first, final, and anytime): Very popular for football betting, the goal scorer markets can offer a lot of value. It is possible to bet on just one player to score the first goal, the last goal, or even at any point in the game. Additionally, many of the top betting sites offer similar markets such as score and win games.

Both teams to score: This bet is simple for games where goals are expected. As long as both teams in the game can find the net, the BTTS BET will be a winning bet.

Results/to score both teams: A useful combination bet, backers can choose the outcome of the match as well as a bet that each side will be on goal during the course of the game.

Over/ Under Goals: Target markets are a very popular option, along with the over/under main option. It\’s usually the case that under/at least 2.5 targets is the default. This means that if there are three or more goals in the game, over 2.5 wins, and if there are two or less, then under 2.5 goals win. This bet works the same whether the number is 2.5 or 0.5, 1.5, 3,5, 4.5, and so on.

Win the Nil: If a backer believes that a team will win a game and keep a clean sheet, then the win the nil market at the sportsbook is going to be the right pick for them.

European Handicap: Handicaps are becoming increasingly popular for football betting. Essentially, the handicap means that teams have goals added or taken away from the number of goals they actually score in the game. For example, if Chelsea is -1 against Tottenham, they need to win by two clear goals or more for the bet to be a winner.

Constraints work in the other direction as well. If a fan bets on Tottenham +2, the bet wins, even though Spurs actually lose the game by a single goal. Handicaps can provide great value in matches where there is a strong favorite to win the game, as a result of which their odds to win are very low. European odds markets are sometimes shown on sports betting sites as EH for short.

Asian Lines: Asian lines are another type of handicap. They are named as if they originated in Asia, but these markets can now be found in sportsbooks around the world, including Ireland (How To Choose The Best Online Football Betting Sites In India?).

The difference between European and Asian odes is that in Asian lines, the number may be a fraction, whereas it is always a whole number on European odes. Chelsea -1.5 on the Asian Handicap would be equal to Chelsea -1 as an EH bet.

A half goal means that a draw is eliminated from the possible outcome of the bet, whereas a draw in EH may result in a push and consequently be returned to the player. Asian and European handicappers are effectively a form of spread betting, but with sports. Asian lines can be used on various markets, including the total number of goals scored, as well as which team will win.

Special: Among the ways that the top betting sites try to beat their competition in the industry is through the use of special bets. These can be different types of markets, including request-a-bet wagers where customers can effectively build their own accumulators.

Advanced Odds and Price Promotion are some of the other special bets that are widely available across Indian bookmakers. At times special football markets may also be offered, for example, offering a chance to bet on which manager will be sacked in the English Premier League. Many online bookmakers also nowadays allow betting on football transfers, with bets being placed on which club a particular player will sign for before the end of the transfer window.

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