West Bengal Lottery Sambad Live Results

At the moment, you are at the West Bengal State Lottery Sambad. All the posts will be updated with the new results of the lottery.


The results will be declared at 1 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm, allowing you to become a 1 crore rupees winner. If you want to catch the live draws or view the West Bengal lottery sambad old ones, all are here on lottery sambad.


We also update the Kerala lottery sambadSikkim lottery sambad, and Nagaland lottery sambad daily.


West Bengal Lottery Sambad Today Draws

West Bengal Lottery Sambad Night 8 PM Result

Date: 16 July,2024

Time: 8 PM

lottery Sambad July 4 8Pm


West Bengal Lottery Sambad Evening 6 PM Result

Date: 17July,2024

Time: 6 PM

lottery Sambad July 4 6Pm


West Bengal Lottery Sambad Day 1 PM Result

Date: 17 July,2024

Time: 1 PM

lottery Sambad July 5 1Pm


If your ticket number coincides with the winning number, one has to collect the prize within the West Bengal Gazette office only. However, it is necessary to pay additional attention to the fact that the ticket and the prize result from the West Bengal state lottery are only effective for 30 days from the date of declaration of the results. To confirm the validity of your ticket, you will also be required to complete this section during this time.


Thus, verification is an important stage that precedes the division of money between participants and the possibility to collect winnings. Lottery of West Bengal is organized through the West Bengal State Lotteries Department and the drawing and lotteries processing center. After verification, the money which is the prize money will be paid out alongside all the necessary taxes that are required by the law.


The ‘Dear Bangalakshmi Raidak’ is a famous West Bengal weekly lottery submitted on Wednesdays. Each ticket costs ₹6. If they reach the final level, the winners scoop huge amounts of ₹50 lakhs. Also, waiting for other participants who got at least one ticked right, there is a ₹1,000 consolation prize.


The second prize is ₹9,000, the third prize is ₹500 divided among the different winners, and the fourth is ₹250 split among all the valid winners as well. As for the fifth level, the prize of ₹ 120 goes to many ticket holders with identical serial numbers.


West Bengal Lottery Sambad Names

Lottery DayLottery Name
MondayDear Bangalakshmi Raidak
TuesdayDear Bangalakshmi Torsha
WednesdayDear Bangalakshmi Teesta
ThursdayDear Bangashree Ichamati
FridayDear Bangashree Damodar
SaturdayDear Bangabhumi Ajay
SundayDear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi

Steps to Check West Bengal Lottery Sambad Today Result 

If you are an investor and have already bought the tickets; then those investors can follow the below steps to get today’s West Bengal lottery sambad result quickly. Below are simple instructions that will make your task of finding the exact document that you are searching for as easy as ABC.


Step 1: Go to the home page of West Bengal Lotteries which is located under the website; westbengallotteries.com.

Step 2: Raw mouse click to the option marked ‘Lottery Result’.

Step 3: In the search box, it is possible to type in ‘West Bengal Lottery Result.

Step 4: This is your chance and golden mixer to get up to 5 Lakh Rupees with us! The expected result of today’s West Bengal State Lottery is stated below or you can check through the link given next to it.

Step 5: Then there is the choice of the particular lottery number to verify in terms of the victory or the opposite.